dpatrappa 4


dpatrappa has fun with a dildo in the form of a horse cock. First of all she sucks it a little, to get in the right frame of mind. All the while she seduces the viewer with a languid look. She licks the dildo from all sides, trying not to leave an inch of dryness anywhere. When the horse’s prick is moistened enough, she brings the tip of the rubber prick up to her anus, which is surely already trembling with impatience. Dani is already an experienced girl, so this huge contraption goes in like its own home stall. Getting comfortable on her back, Danielle grabs her cock and starts jerking it off, while simultaneously making frictions from behind. After a while our tgirl decides to become a horsewoman, climbs up and begins to ride Mr. stallion, moaning with pleasure. Her cock at this time makes circular movements like in a meatspin meme. Tired, the beauty assumes a lap-lock position and continues her run, which ends with a beautiful creampie slowly flowing out of her developed asshole. For a few seconds we enjoy this shot. Does it seem like that’s it? But no. Dpatrappa decides to give one last cool blowjob to her rubber prick. All the while, her mouth and face are flooded with fake cum from the dildo. Wow, that’s facial!

Models: dpatrappa

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